Computer Vision based Automation Systems

Today, most industries, as well as businesses, are trying to take advantage of Computer Vision driven services to deliver superior customer experience, improved product quality, reduced cost, and increased security. Nanomine Technolabs over the years has been investing in fine-tuning our services and expertise to acquire, analyze, process, and understand digital images along with real-time data. This combined with robotic and embedded engineering expertise enables our company to automate manual labour intensive tasks efficiently.

Computer Vision based Tasks

  • Pattern Recognition – Analyze patterns with reference data to determine GO or NO-GO. Example, analyze ‘Glue’ or adhesive patterns on a production line to determine the adhesive strength
  • Measure and Analyze – Measure objects to determine accurate dimensions and analyze or compare them with reference data.
  • Color-Based Analysis – Inspect object for color change in the visual or outside visual spectrum. For example, to check a fruit is ripe or not.
  • Object Detection for Pick and Place – Identifies a specific object in an image and giving the coordinates for dynamically controlling a Robot Arm in very high precision assemblies.
  • Inspection of Inaccessible Locations – Use rigid/flexible borescope/endoscope to view inaccessible areas not visible to the eyes and apply image processing. Specialized robotic arms and mechanical fixtures may be developed depending on a specific use case.
  • Dynamic Word, Icon or Shape Detection  – Detection of text/word or icons regardless of background or variations in positions. This could be used to test touch screen content using a robotic arm.
  • Image Classification – Groups images into different categories using big data-based ML or small data but with feedback learning.

Business Use Cases

  • Agriculture – Crop and plant monitoring at various stages, and segregation of produce
  • Manufacturing – Precision manufacturing, improved product quality, automated testing of assembled systems
  • Automotive industry – Autonomous navigation systems and testing of infotainment systems
  • Healthcare – Diagnostic and early disease detection like cancer
  • Security – IP camera integration and event detection
  • Drones – Automatic analysis of aerial images & detect anomalies

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