IoT Gateway Environment

To manage and control a complex IoT environment with many connectivity options and protocols, energy profiles, dispersed systems, and an ever growing number of connected devices requires a critical component called IoT Gateway. We have packaged ready to use IoT Gateway based on open source components running on OpenWrt Linux distribution, which is generic and can be easily ported and customized to custom designed hardware for any market segment and needs.

Nanomine Technolabs has extensive experience in developing and deploying IoT Gateway based on off-the-shelf or custom designed hardware platforms and open source software components for various customers.

IoT Gateway Options

  • Off-the-shelf IoT Gateway platform – hardware + software, only configuration, and provision can be done. Need to depend on equipment vendor for any customization
  • Off-the-shelf IoT Gateway HW platform + open standard based SW platform with required customization – typically 90% of cases can be addressed with this option
  • Custom HW & open standard based SW platform with required customization – this option need to be considered for cases where the above options are not feasible

IoT Gateway Features

  • Gateway application will be specific to the solution which will be developed using C++ or Java
  • Cloud Integration using HTTP(REST), MQTT, AMQP, CoAP
  • End Node device discovery, Configuration, and Provisioning
  • Device management for End Node
  • Security using SSL/TLS
  • Local GUI for the Gateway as well as WebGUI for remote management

IoT Gateway Interfaces

  • Sensor connectivity – BT/BLE, WiFi, ZigBee, ZWave, 6LoWPAN, wirelessHART, LoRA, simpliciTI, Sub GHz RF, Serial
  • Sensor Integration protocols – Thread, AllJoyn, ModBus, BACNET
  • Connectivity to Cloud – 4G/LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, Satellite
  • Cloud Integration protocols – HTTP(REST), MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, WebSocket