Key success factor for any commercial IoT implementation is the ability to collect data from equipment and devices and then transfer the collected data to cloud server through a secure connection. Nanomine has developed an IoT gateway – ‘NPEx2’ for commercial IoT implementation. ‘NPEx2’ is a cost effective industrial IoT gateway design with data collection using RS232, RS485, Wi-Fi and Ethernet with a cellular uplink to the internet. The gateway can be remotely maintained via remote firmware updates from the cloud.

This IoT Gateway with its highly optimized cost and features enables commercial deployment in large volumes in domains like remote monitoring of telecom mobile towers.

NPEx2 is designed to be weather and tamper proof for infrastructure monitoring. Cellular 4G/3G/2G connectivity enables the use of the system in remote locations where no other communication infrastructure is available, like telecommunication towers.

The gateway can collect data from devices in the field through wired (RS485/RS232) or wireless interfaces (WIFI, ZigBee). Devices could vary based on the exact use case, but some of the examples are generator sets, battery management systems, energy meters, HVAC etc. Gateway sends the data to the cloud platform using protocols like MQTT, REST API, CoAP.