Real-Time Production Monitoring Solution

Today manufacturers depend on data collection and its insight to make quick course corrections on the production floor. This is driving the need for collecting real-time data from existing machines, external IoT sensors, PLCs and ERP systems.

Our Real-Time Production Monitoring (RTPM) solution enables manufacturers to connect their individual machines, production lines, and entire factory floor to acquire data across supply chains, inbound inspection points, inventory, logistics and fulfillment systems. The data collected facilitates offline and online condition analysis and advanced analytics that generate a time-based analysis of machine cycles and cycle time performance leading to optimized scheduling and operations. Machine-level data help to predict product quality problems, machine stability and reliability giving insights to OEE and accurate condition monitoring to drive MRO.

Production Monitoring

  • Access to real-time monitoring into every machine, line, and plant throughout your factory with an operator friendly digital twin based HMI.
  • Measure and Optimize Production – Improved offline and online condition analysis using richer dataset acquired from machines and advanced analytics that can produce time-based analysis of machine cycles, cycle time performance and assist in optimizing production scheduling and manufacturing operations.
  • Access real-time information across the enterprise – With our secure, local server-hosted or cloud-hosted solution, information can be accessed at any time to instantly make business decisions.
  • In the online reports, detailed trend charts and pictures illustrate the equipment availability of your machine tools in an easy-to-understand digital twin form. This helps you to make informed decisions regarding your production process, whether it means capacity adjustments, inventory ordering, efforts to minimize stoppages or even new investments.


  • Improve OEE, increase throughput, and optimize asset utilization.
  • Productivity and quality trend- Visibility into accurate and timely operations data is a key step to improving productivity and quality.
  • Analyze process, parts and quality data – analysis based on machine-level data that can track product quality problems, machine stability, and reliability, and verify OEE.
  • Predict Asset Failure – Predictive maintenance metrics to the machine level including condition monitoring, frequency analysis, kurtosis and greater accuracy to drive MRO.
  • Reduce downtime – Insight into the most frequent downtime reasons help to focus on the downtime that hurts the business most.
  • Increase utilization – Asset utilization and downtime statistics allow you to maximize the usage of the right assets at the right time.


  • Reduce scraps – Identify all of the defect types that have an impact on production quality. Reduce scrap costs by focusing on the most critical defects.
  • Gain deeper insights into quality and productivity matrices that help identify the most impactful continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Increase first-yield pass – Capture real-time first-pass yield statistics and immediately identify variances that affect quality. Measure changes and find trends to achieve quality objectives.
  • Process monitoring – Maintaining processes is important for operating a reliable business. Set up alerts for processes so that they can be monitored and maintained.


  • Accurate real-time visibility to manufacturing operations, assets, and parts
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved quality, faster continuous improvement cycles at a reduced cost of quality
  • Efficient and streamlined Inventory reconciliation
  • Increased OEE accuracy
  • Improved facility management and utilization
  • Remote access to RTPM using factory’s secure internet